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A special thank you to the Kentville Toyota team for helping us expand our growing fleet in Nova Scotia. We have recently entered this market and are astounded at the need for our services on the east coast.

Looking for the peace of mind that can come from physical assistance and companionship during outings? Would you like to enjoy the reassurance of knowing we can be the eyes and ears for your disabled or elderly family members? We’re here to help, whether you’re a senior, or simply someone seeking a helpful friend while going to a day surgery or a hospital stay. We love what we do, and you can relax knowing that we value your safety and comfort.

Here at Wheels for the Wise, we treat all of our clients like family!

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Wheels for the Wise: Driving Independence
Nova Scotia native, Jana Mitchell, brings needed transportation service home to retired military personnel, in partnership with Veterans Emergency Transition Services (VETS Canada). HALIFAX — A proud Nova Scotian, Jana Mitchell, originally from Williamswood, created Wheels for the Wise in 2011 in Ottawa, Ontario to prolong independence and prevent isolation for those living with a wide range of physical disabilities and mental health issues. Wheels for the Wise provides specially trained companions to transport and escort their clients to non-urgent medical appointments.

“For us, it’s not just about providing a safe and reliable drive, it’s also about providing our clients with a friendly face they recognize to pick them up and stay with them while they are out. We’ve made a huge difference in the lives of thousands of people in Ontario and it was always my dream to bring this company back home and, finally, here we are. Being able to provide a much-needed service, combined with creating employment and supporting the economy by purchasing our vehicles from local dealerships is truly a dream come true”, said Wheels for the Wise Founder/CEO, Jana Mitchell.

Coming to Nova Scotia was a natural progression for Wheels for the Wise as it has the fourth highest demographic of Veterans in the country. Ms. Mitchell recognized a void in the transportation services currently available to Veterans in this province. “With operations just getting off the ground here in Nova Scotia, we are projecting to create between 20-30 jobs by the end of 2019. In fact, we are specifically looking to employ Veterans wishing to get back into the work force”, said Ms. Mitchell.

In the words of the Co-Founder/Chairperson of Veterans Emergency Transition Service (VETS Canada), Debbie Lowther, “We specialize in assisting our Veterans transition back into civilian life, by helping them navigate the system to ensure they understand the benefits and programs they are entitled to.  Wheels for the Wise not only ensures our Veterans get to their medical appointments on-time and safely, they also take care of all approvals and direct billings to Veterans Affairs Canada on their behalf. All Veterans with a pensioned condition are eligible for this transportation service to any associated medical appointment, at no direct cost to them. This service is long overdue in Nova Scotia and we could not be happier to have officially formed a national partnership to make Wheels for the Wise accessible to our Veterans.”

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Driving Independence

Providing safe and reliable transportation for people with special mobility needs.

FOR MANY PEOPLE, it’s a nuisance. Driving is viewed as simply a means to an end, a way of making errands easier. Many feel it is an untouchable ability and take it for granted. But in an instant, with a stamp on a paper, a failed eye test, or a freak accident, this privilege can be stolen away.

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